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Ad #
Ad Title
FS Fostoria Century 6-1/2" Handled Vase09/23/09
    Fostoria Century 6-1/2" Handled Vase
This vase with handles is in the Century pattern made by Fostoria Glass from 1950 to 1982. It is 6-1/2" high It is in ex ...

FS Fostoria Century 3-Pint Pitcher06/22/09
  Fostoria Century 3-Pint Pitcher
This pitcher or ice jug is in the Century pattern made by Fostoria Glass from 1950 to 1982. It is 7-1/4" high and holds ...

FS Fostoria Beacon High Sherbet06/22/09
  Fostoria Beacon High Sherbet
This high sherbet is in the rock crystal pattern called Beacon and was made by Fostoria Glass Company from 1937 to 1954. ...

FS Fostoria American 9-1/2" Dinner Plate09/07/09
   Fostoria American 9-1/2" Dinner Plate
This 9-1/2" dinner plate is in the popular American pattern made by the Fostoria Glass Company starting in 1915 on until ...

FS Fostoria American 6-1/2" Ice Tub W Tabbed Handles06/22/09
  Fostoria American 6-1/2" Ice Tub W Tabbed Handles
This ice tub is the large size ice tub in the popular American pattern made by the Fostoria Glass Company starting in 19 ...

Fostoria Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Wanted - Fostoria Transitiion Pattern01/21/14
Interested in purchasing any of the items in the Fostoria "Transition" Pattern.

WTB Looking For Experimental Colors For Jamestown10/09/13
There were several experimental colors of Jamestown (orange and a red/orange amberina that I know about) that would have been sold when Fostoria closed their doors. These were, as far as I know, sold at the factory at their closing. I would like to buy these off colors.

WTB Seeking the Following Fostoria "American" Items:03/24/13
1. Chiffonier 2-drawer glass box
2. Hotel cracked-ice bucket
3. 19" washbowl and boudoir pitcher set
4. 1" square pomade box
5. 3 jar spice set with under tray
6. 10" bagged vase

Thank you.

WTB Fostoria Square Cake Salver Pedestal Base03/03/12
I am looking for a base to a Fostoria square cake salver.

WTB Want 2 Buy - Fostoria Glass 2 Drawer Chiffonier02/06/12
I want to purchase an American Fostoria Glass Two Drawer Chiffonier (Clear) from Pattern #2056.
Thank you, Scott

WTB Gone With the Wind Top Globe - Poppy Pattern10/30/11
Need a replacement globe for the Gone with the Wind/poppy pattern milk glass (white) top globe with a 4" base opening. Was made by Fenton between 1967 and 1974. This lamp is a hurricane lamp style.

WTB Cookie Jar Lid10/18/11
I want to purchase the American Fostoria cookie/biscuit jar lid. I broke my mother's when I was 7 or 8. I am now well over 50 and my mother has looked all these years for a lid. I would love to replace it for her. Thank you for your help.

WTB Forstoria Midnight Rose Individual Creamer & Sugar09/14/11
I have broken the creamer for this Fostoria Midnight Rose individual creamer and sugar set. It belonged to my husbands mother. I need the creamer but will buy both. Penny Hawkins

WTB Midnight Rose Mini Creamer and Sugar09/09/11
I am looking to replace a fostoria mini creamer from my deceased mother-in-law's crystal. I need the creamer, but will buy both. The pieces are approximately 3 inches high.

WTB 5099/5299 Water Goblet Green07/14/11
Trying to replace two water goblet's from my grandmother's set. Clear stem, green goblet 8 1/2 tall. Any help is greatly appreciated.

WTB Fostoria Pioneer Amber Dinner Plate 05/01/11
I am seeking 2-4 Fostoria Pioneer Amber dinner plates in the 9 1/2 inch size in good condition. There are 10 1/2 in plates on ebay right now but I want the 9 1/2 in size.

WTB 7312004/02/11
Looking for low water or tall by Fostoria, Oak Leaf Brocade...clear. Not interested in the colored glass. Thanks.

WTB Missing Arm03/16/11
I am seeking an arm to complete my five candle candleabra.

WTB Fostoria 5098 / 5298 Blank Stemware - Various Colors02/09/11
I am collecting various colors of the Fostoria 5098/5298 stemware (blank/non-etched). I am most interested in Wisteria. I am also interested in pink/rose, azure blue, green, topaz, and amethyst. I am looking for reasonable prices. If your prices are higher than replacement.com, please don't bother contacting me. However, if you really want to sell, I want to buy (if the price is right).

WTB Looking For Water Goblets 5099/529901/08/11
I am looking for pink and blue fostoria water goblets in the waterfall stem (5099/5299) I am also looking for a topaz mayonaise ladel.

WTB Want To Buy Fostoria Arcady11/20/10
I wish to buy 3 Arcady footed stems approximately 6 to 6 1/2 inches tall

WTB Coin Glass Crystal Ice Tea Glassware 11/08/10
Coin Glass - Crystal. Interested in Water Goblets or Coin Ice Tea Glasses

WTB Lid Wedding Bowl08/09/10
want american psttern glass lid for small wedding bowl thanks bev4

WTB WTB Water Goblets Fostoria Jamestown PINK06/24/10
Looking for Fostoria Jamestown Pink Water Goblet

WTB Seeking Pink Fostoria #5099 Champagne / Tall Sherb05/21/10
I would like to complete a collection of #5099 champagnes without etches. I have champagnes in all the colors made except pink (rose).

WTB Water Goblets in Stem #5099 Colored Bowls No Etch04/16/10
Seeking etchless water goblets of Fostoria's 5099 ("waterfall") stem in pink, green, blue, and/or wisteria/orchid.

WTB Versailles Ice Tea Glasses02/27/10
I am looking to buy Fostoria's versailles ice tea glasses in pink.

WTB Unknown Fostoria Pattern02/26/10
Want to identify/buy Fostoria glasses--purple conical bowl, stem is a clear cube. Base is clear glass.

WTB Looking For Richmond New Gold Rim Glasses01/29/10
water, wine and sherbert glasses

WTB Fostoria Rose Platina Wine Glass12/06/09
Searching for best deal on a replacement Fostoria crystal wine glass; pattern is Rose Platina.

WTB Mission Pattern08/11/09
This geometric style pattern is etched on the glass 1" down from rim. Two parallel lines separate into a diamond. Pattern has 3 diamonds spaced about 2" apart.

WTB Fostoria Rose Pink 5097/5297 Wanted07/08/09
I am looking for 10 claret wine, 3 water goblets, 4 tall sherbets. I will consider other glass sizes in this collection.

WTB Jamestown Pink08/24/11
I collect Fostoria Jamestown Pink--- Looking for Cake plate, butter dish, relish, berry bowls ~~ Thanks!

WTB Fostoria Jamestown Clear08/24/11
I'm looking for various pieces of Fostoria Jamestown that are clear in color

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